Bay Islands Community Services Inc has a s.365 (application to deal with contraventions involving dismissal) set for hearing before Commissioner Hunt in Chambers in Brisbane (Buzza).

Rob McPhee has been appointed the new chief executive of the Danila Dilba Health Service, the NT’s largest Aboriginal health service. Mr McPhee will begin in the role at the end of August after he was selected by the Danila Dilba board. It comes after the organisation’s chief executive Olga Havnen, who held the role for eight years, resigned earlier this year. Mr McPhee comes from Broome, where he has worked as the deputy chief executive and chief operating officer at the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services for the past six years.

Ability Centre Australasia Ltd is on the receiving end of a s.604 (appeal of decisions) before the Fair Work Full Bench (by telephone) in Melbourne (Waddy).

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and McKenzie Aged Care Group have a s.739 (application to deal with a dispute) on foot before Commissioner Simpson (in Chambers) in Brisbane.

Medical Rescue Pty Ltd is arguing a defence to a s.365 (application to deal with contraventions involving dismissal) before Commissioner McKinnon (by video using Microsoft Teams) in Melbourne (Ferrara).

Hardi Nursing Home Management Pty Ltd has a s.526 (application to deal with a dispute involving stand down) set for a ruling by Commissioner Johns (by telephone) in Sydney (Cabia).

Endeavour Group Limited (Endeavour) is contesting a s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) in front of Deputy President Beaumont in Chambers in Perth (Pereira)

The Better Health Generation is facing a s.394 (application for unfair dismissal remedy) before Fair Work Deputy President Asbury in Chambers in Brisbane (Goodlet).