The Enablement Awards / Conference

Raison D’être

To celebrate and reward excellence, innovation and exemplary achievements in the disability care sector. The awards have been created by the NDIS Update news media platform.

The philosophy behind the awards is;

  • To give recognition to efforts to advance profitability/surplus/outcomes for all participants,
  • And reward those who lift and enhance via innovation the customer experience/enjoyment/outcome.


All award winners must be Australia / New Zealand based and have operated throughout the period of Aug 2023 until July 2024, and be adjudicated by the judge to have been the best exemplar in the subset of their sector during this period.


Anyone is free to bring to our attention any individual / company he/she believe merits recognition. NOMINATE NOW


The final arbiter will be the Editor of the Disability Update. His decision will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

The Editor has been involved in the sector for over 34 years.

The Editor is the most widely travelled observer in Australasian journalism, visiting and observing industry trends in 20+ countries each year, free of sector bias / association links / government funding, open to new entrants and conscious that significant changes to sectors often come via free thinking interlopers.

The Editor is free of commercial links and is in a unique position to make considered, balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards of both shareholder/stakeholder and the client/customer.


The 2024 Categories Are: Adaptive Housing, Affordable Housing, Alternative Community, Autism/Aspergers, Automated Living, Bariatric Care, Brain Injury, Care Innovation, Care Trends, Cluster Housing, Co-Housing, Communal Housing, Community Care, Community Centre, Community Creation, Community Housing, Co-Op, Co-Ownership Housing, Creative Living Housing Outcomes, Day Care, Disability Design, Disability Housing, Disability Services, Excellence In Advocacy, Excellence In Community Accessibility, Excellence In Community Partnerships, Excellence In Creating Inclusive Environments, Excellence In Education And Training, Excellence In Innovation, Excellence In The Arts, Factory Housing, Faith Based Housing, Farm Living, Health Halfway Houses, Health Precinct, Healthcare Resort, Hearing Disabled Housing, Hemp Homes, Home Care, Home Sharing, Homes For People With A Disability, Hospice, Hospital In The Home, Hostel, Independent Living, Infill Housing, Integrated Communities, Integrated Health Campus, Integrated Healthcare Centre, Intentional Communities, Intergenerational Fairness, Intergenerational Housing, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Lifetime Achievement Award, Low Income Housing, Manufactured Housing, Medical Clinics, Medical Precinct, Medical Tourism, Medi-Hotel, Mental Health Services, Mental Illness, Micro Apartments, Micro Housing, Multigeneration Housing, NDIS Plan Manager, Not-For-Profit Housing, Outstanding Carer Of The Year, Outstanding Contribution By A Young Person, Outstanding Volunteer Of The Year, Palliative, Passivhaus (Passive House), Prefab Housing, Quadriplegic/Seniors Mix, Regeneration, Rehabilitation, Respite, Respite Hotel, Revolutionary Care, Rooming House, Shared Housing, Shared Lives, Shared Ownership, Sheltered Housing, Shipping Containers, Short Stay Rehabilitation, Short Term Rentals, Smart Homes, Social Housing, Socialising Housing, Special Interest Housing, Special Needs, Spinal Injury, Spoke/Hub Care, Stroke Rehab, Student Housing, Supported Affordable Housing, Supported Housing, Supported Living, Supported Living For Young Adults, Supportive Housing, Sustainable Housing, Transit Housing, Transitional Care, Transport Hub, Transportable Housing, Vertical Farm, Vertical Smart Community, Visually Impaired and Wellness.

Each award is unique. Winners will have been adjudicated by a world authority to be the most outstanding exemplar in their chosen field in 2023-24. Each segment of the sector will be honoured. However if no one in a category in 2023-24 is considered worthy, no award will be made

Evaluation Qualities

The best performed / most meritorious performance / most innovative / courageous or positive initiative in each subset of the sector.

Conditions Of Acceptance

  • Each winner will be required to attend the next presentation ceremony in Melbourne on Thursday, 25th July 2024 (1pm-4pm)
  • Each winner is entitled to bring up to five guests
  • The event fee of $685/- includes refreshments for all your guests / media package / media support for 12 months

Closing Date

Final day for nominations is 29th June 2024, 5pm.


Each award winner will be notified no later than 8th July 2024. You will be notified by email.

You will be asked if you wish to accept the award.

If you decide to accept, you will be invited to attend the next presentation of the Awards Ceremony to be held in Melbourne on Thursday, 25th July 2024 (1pm-4pm).

Your notification email will outline how to accept and provide you with the details of attendance.

It’s important you confirm your attendance to ensure your entry and comfortable hospitality for your guests.

Use of Award

You are able to use your award in sales, marketing and publicity initiatives without having to obtain consent.

You are not obliged to buy any products, subscriptions or advertising as a result of accepting your award.

General Observations (FAQ)

Q: Do I have to accept my award?

A: No

Q: How do I accept my award?

A: After you are notified by email of your award, you will need to RSVP by the nominated date. If we do not hear from you within that time frame the award offer will be withdrawn and category cancelled.

Q: Can I accept my award and not attend?

A: No.

Q: Can a senior executive or colleague substitute for me?

A: Yes. A senior executive / colleague / senior government official is an acceptable substitute.

Q: What form does the award take?

A: Each winner receives a certificate with an accompanying Citation of Excellence.

Q: Can I bring additional guests to the awards ceremony?

A: Yes, you are able to bring up to five guests to accompany yourself.

Q: Can I change my guest list?

A: Yes, you are free to interchange your guest list for the presentation ceremony at any time.

Q: How will you communicate with me?

A: All communication with award winners will be via email/phone. It is your responsibility to add our email address to the “allowed senders list” or ‘white list’ within your email system to ensure communications delivery.

Awards Philosophy

The awards philosophy is to focus on performance. Awards sponsorship is refused; there is no securing of dinner tables, advertising or product placement fees.

The focus is to drive all-sized operators to be considered equally. Independent assessments are sought. All communications are confidential.