• Access for all staff to disabilityupdate news platform (updated 24/7)
  • Access to problem resolution via advocacy, news story and peer assistance via NDIS Lobby Co-Op
    1. Forum discussions (24/7)
    2. Hot Line to case officer (24/7)
    3. Webinars
    4. Skype / Zoom / Dial-In catch-up discussions
    5. News podcasts
    6. Regional meetings / socials / educationals for networking
  • Free access to database of all disability housing projects
  • Free advertising, staff wanted and service directory listings
  • Participate in shaping the NDIS sector standards, objectives and outcomes
  • Contribute ideas and create a better care environment
  • Access to disability care reports/research
  • Help in funds recovery
  • Participate in overseas study tours
  • How to minimise costs associated with NDIS compliance system
  • PLUS New Services
    1. Access to all NDIS/NDIA legal decisions (in plain English)
    2. Access to advisor (who has navigated the NDIS and who lawyers now regard as an expert)
    3. New model developed to deal with continuum of care for challenging behaviour
    4. New legal rulings governing NDIA funding obligations
    5. Analysis of new co-housing community for people with learning disabilities
    6. A review of integrated residential facility that will combine seniors and independent adults with developmental disabilities
    7. Success in changes to permanent residency visa applications adjudication
    8. Accessible home design expert on call