A s.318 (Application for an order relating to instruments covering new employer and transferring employees) from Anglican Community Services T/A Anglicare from its Mission Australia Service Delivery Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019 (Social, community, home care and disability services) has been affirmed by Fair Work Commissioner Johns sitting in Sydney, on 21 June 2019.

A s.185 (Enterprise agreement) application by Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda Inc T/A Sacred Heart Mission for its Sacred Heart Mission Nurses Agreement 2019 has been granted by Fair Work Deputy President Masson, in Melbourne, on 21 June 2019.

A s.394 (unfair dismissal) application by Anastasia Patouhas against the A.C.E Child Care Centre has been rejected by Fair Work Deputy President Clancy, in Melbourne, on 21 June 2019.

A s.185 (Enterprise agreement) application by Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association for the Banyule Community Health (General Dentists’) Enterprise Agreement 2018-2022 has been ratified by Fair Work Deputy President Masson, in Melbourne, on 24 June 2019.

A female security guard is off work and recovering after an assault at Waikato Hospital which has left her with a suspected broken nose. The assault happened on Tuesday, when the guard was called to help with a highly agitated patient who was trying to leave the hospital. The patient lashed out, giving our member a closed-fist punch to the nose. It follows the assault on another female guard last month, which has left her with multiple facial fractures and off work for at least three months. Allied Security is the security contractor for the Waikato District Health Board, and also the Canterbury DHB, where there have been four serious assaults on guards since Christmas. E tū organiser, Iriaka Rauhihi says the union is appalled by the second serious assault in just over a month at the hospital. “What are they waiting for – a fatality? “Assaults are frequent at this DHB and we’re well aware of Allied Security’s record in Christchurch as well. Our members feel unsafe and I’m not the only one worried that someone will die if things don’t improve – our members are saying the same thing,” she says. E tū Campaign Lead, Mat Danaher says the string of assaults has raised serious alarm bells. “We are now looking at a record of failure to stem the on-going violence on hospital wards in Waikato and Christchurch,” says Mat. He says DHBs are due to meet shortly with E tū to review hospital security – a move that’s long over-due. “Violence on our hospital wards is a serious issue, affecting all staff. The nurses complain wards are unsafe and both they and our security members are frequently in the firing line. “There are systemic failures including under-staffing, lack of training and poor health and safety processes. We are looking forward to the upcoming security review and welcome the fact that DHBs nationally are taking this issue seriously.”

The Health Services Union and Monash Health have a s.729 (Application to deal with a dispute) alive before Fair Work Deputy President Masson in Court 4 – Level 6 and Conference Room C – Level 6 in Melbourne.

An application for approval of the Amana Living Home Care Staff Enterprise Agreement 2018 (s.185 – Application for approval of a single-enterprise agreement) will be the preserve of Fair Work Commissioner McKinnon (By Telephone) in Melbourne.

Colin Biggers & Paisley has announced the appointment of Tamara Sims as its new head of pro bono and responsible business. Sims has been involved in the pro bono sector for more than 17 years and has worked for non-governmental organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia and the Intellectual Disability Rights Service.